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De l’Autre Côté

Indoor performance 50 minutes

De l'autre cote

La Bete à Plume

Magical and Poetic Circus of Objects
Menzione per la scrittura poetico circense
Mention for Circus Poetry Writing at the festival Rencontre Jean Public de Huy 

An artist strives in front of a blank canvas. In search of inspiration, she travels to the borders of creation in a rhythmic whirlwind of shapes and colors where her brushes intertwine literally. In her mind as in her studio, reality magically merges with fantasy, leading her into an astonishing ballet of objects with surrealist style.

Concept/performance : Andréanne Thiboutot/Isabelle du Bois
Directing/dramaturgy/magic creation: Andrea Fidelio
Set design/Assistant director/acting direction: Hugues Hollenstein
Set construction: La Fabrique de théâtre de Mons/David Delguste, Hugues Hollenstein, Andréanne Thiboutot
Music creation: Mark Dehoux
Lighting design: Charlotte Plissart & Andrea Fidelio
Costume design: Jeanne Sevez, Héloïse Calmet, France lamboray, Andréanne Thiboutot
Canvas painting: Viviane De jonghe d’Ardoye
Stage manager: Hugues Girard alternating with Hadrien Lefaure
Production manager: Isabelle du Bois
Distribution: Isabelle du Bois


Débordantes d'imagination, Isabelle Du Bois et Andéanne Thiboutot intègrent subtilement leur art circassien dans cette gourmandise visuelle...


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