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Andrea Fidelio

who I am

Dramaturg I director  I magician I actor 


I am a multidisciplinary artist graduated with honors from DAMS at the university of Bologna and trained at the Atelier Teatro Fisico Philippe Radice in Turin, where I studied acting and directing.

I obtained a certificate in Circus Dramaturgy at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels and at the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in Châlons-en-Champagne, France where I also trained in Magical Writing and New Magic with Raphael Navarro.

I studied circus in Buenos Aires, attending courses at the Circo Criollo school and studying tightrope walking with Ernesto Terry at the Arena circus school.

With my shows, I have participated in festivals and events in 20 countries around the world. I have also collaborated as an actor and performer with various artists and companies including Teatrino Clandestino, Open by Cristina Rizzo, Pietro Babina, Gary Brackett and Living Theater, Cie Pool and Freddy.

I have collaborated with various companies as an author, playwright, magician and director including Doble Mandoble, Cirque de la Pointe Sèche, La Bête à Plumes, Les Malles, Vasi Comunicanti, Cirque Gones, Une tribù collective, Joos & Lucho, Xav to Yilo, Demented Brothers, spanning from circus to theater, from puppet theater to new magic and dance.

I am co-artistic director of the new magic company Doble Mandoble based in Brussels.

Since 2018, I have been in constant creation with Doble Mandoble, with whom I have created Le Dîner, Sweet Home, Chapiteau Magique, La Leyenda de Kulkatan.

When I am not on tour or creating with Doble Mandoble, I offer my assistance as a playwright, director and artistic advisor for artists and live performance companies.

©JF Papillon

©JF Papillon


  • 2nd Prize World Championship of Magic FISM Quebec 2022 - Grand Illusions Category with the Doble Mandoble company

  • 1st Prize European Championship of Magic FISM Manresa 2021 - Grand Illusions Category with the Doble Mandoble company

  • Mention for "Circassian poetic writing" at the Rencontre Jean Public de Huy 2022 (Belgium) with the show De l'autre côté by the Cie La Bête à Plumes

  • One Man Show Award - Cantieri di Strada 2013 National Federation of Street Art Italy

  • Street Eataly Festival Mirabilia and Just For Joy Award

  • Artist of the Year Award Festival Strabilandia 2013

In my One Man Show, I combine comedy and improvisation with circus.

The result is a unique style full of energy and good humor!

These performances can be staged in squares, streets, courtyards, big tops, festivals, and showcases, and have been performed in various countries:

Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Guyana, France, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg, England, Ireland, Latvia, Poland, Austria, Italy, Spain.


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La creazione

Do you want to create a show and need a professional to help you develop and bring a new idea to life?

I can offer you various forms of collaboration

  • Helping to develop an idea or helping you find a new concept for a show

  • Dramaturgical consultation - helping you find and express the artistic meaning of your proposal scenically

  • Assistance in writing a creation dossier

  • Planning the stages of creation

  • Writing a new script

  • Writing a show

  • Writing assistance

  • Directing

  • Creating magical effects


This is the first meeting where we introduce ourselves, discuss the project or your idea, and evaluate whether to collaborate together to make it happen. It is a free and non-binding meeting.


Except in rare cases, everything before being created is born from a vision that at first we may not be able to describe. In this phase, my goal is to define the outline of the image to allow the meaning to emerge from the chaos. The third phase is that of creation on stage and staging, which means creating the overall form that relies on a solid dramaturgical construction to express scenically the meaning of the original vision.


The next phase consists of transforming this vision into a concept, developing both the theme and the main core of the scenic idea.


The third phase is that of creation on stage and staging, which means creating the overall form that relies on a solid dramaturgical construction to express scenically the meaning of the original vision.

Aiuto alla creazione

The creation

At the beginning of every creation, when the show does not yet exist, it is normal to feel confused and unsure of which direction to take. You can navigate in the unknown, hoping to find the right path, which sometimes happens and often does not.

You can create material without knowing how to make it work, or you may have created a little material and not know how to continue, risking abandoning the project.

This happens to many artists, whether they are young or experienced.

Without a rudder, without a clear vision, it is difficult to reach the finish line without a direction to follow until the creation of the show.

If you want to get there, it is better to build an effective work methodology, perhaps relying on a professional who can help you set goals and create a personalized path based on your needs and the uniqueness of your artistic project.

I collaborate with different artists from countries and artistic universes such as circus, theater, puppets, street theater, and magic. I offer specific consultations focused in a few working sessions and also accompany in writing, directing, and project management, even in the long term. 

I am an inexhaustible source of ideas and suggestions and can help you structure the work from the beginning.

In fact, one of the abilities I have refined over the years is to quickly find the essence of things, that is, to see the goal when others still don't realize they have one.

I work on interpreting signs to derive possible stories from them, and I focus on the meaning and form that we can give to the story together. I translate the clues, the signs, and offer you the possible stories that maybe you still don't see but are hidden in that blurry image that ignites your desire to create.

I have developed a fast and effective writing method that will guide you to the finish line in no time.

I have refined tools to work on relationships, dynamics, and the meaning of actions, creating a comprehensive and justified vision of the stage proposal.

We can start from an act, your technique, or an image and create a show from it.

I can help you focus on the goal, saving time, channeling your resources, and making you more effective.

Chapiteau Magique

Doble Mandoble

Chapiteau Magique

Ideation, writing, directing and acting.


Cirque de la pointe-sèche

Naval - Circo contemporaneo in situ

Ideation, writing, directing.


Les Malles

Les Malles danza e marionette

Dramaturgy, outside look.

Il Gran Ventriloquini

Madame Rebiné

Madame Rebiné

Dramaturgical consulting

L'affaire est grave!

Cirque Gones

L'affaire est grave teatro di figura

Dramaturgical consulting, outsidelook.

Demented Brothers

Demented Brothers


Le Dîner

Doble Mandoble

Le Dîner Teatro assurdo magia

Ideation, writing, acting.

De l'Autre côté

La bête à plume

De l'autre Côté  Circo e magia

Dramaturgy, directing, acting.

La Burla

Madame Rebiné

La Burla Madame Rebiné

Direction and magic creation


Une tribù collective


Magic creation


Andréanne Thiboutot


Outside look


Andrea Fidelio


Ideation, writing, directing, acting.

Sweet Home

Doble Mandoble

Sweet Home  Magia Grandi illusioni

Ideation, writing, directing and acting.

Chez toi ou chez moi

Les Malles

Les Malles danza e marionette

Dramaturgy, directing.


Joos & Lucho

Exit Mimo e beatbox

Dramaturgy, outside look.

Feeling Soul

Xav To Yilo

Feeling Soul Circo e magie nouvelle

Dramaturgy, outside look, creation magique.

Numero TV

Andréanne Thiboutot



The Boss

Andrea Fidelio


Ideation, writing, directing, acting.

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