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Locandina Pouvoir

Une tribù collective

From 10 years old

Minister of Youth Award at the Young Public Theatre Meetings in Huy 2023
"Junior" Jury Prize at the Momix Festival 2024

Have you ever thought about the life of a puppet? Never making the slightest decision. Never thinking. Never choosing. A whole life delegated to others: the puppeteers.

Is it fantastic or terrible? And what can a puppet do that constantly plays the same show, a show it doesn't like? What can she do to change things?

She decides to go all out and take power and command the puppeteers in turn. She no longer wants to live vicariously and wants to decide for herself what happens to her. But for that, she will have to convince the puppeteers, who, themselves, are attached to their job. The puppet makes promises, but among the artists, no one really believes in it.

So we ask the audience, "Can we dream of another system?"

©Une Tribu Collectif

A creation by  Une Tribu Collective

Concept, direction, performance, and puppet manipulation: Cécile Maidon, Noémie Vincart, Michel Villée

Lighting designer: Caspar Langhoff

Sound designer - composition: Alice Hebborn (with percussion sounds by Thomas Giry and hurdy-gurdy by Daniel Schmitz)

Assistant director and writer: Marion Lory

Dramaturgical observer and puppeteer: Pierre Tual

Puppet creation and set design: Valentin Périlleux

Builders: Corentin Mahieu and Simon Dalemans

Magic creation: Andrea Fidelio

Costume designer: Rita Belova

Seamstress: Sylvie Thévenard

Sound and lighting direction: Margaux Fontaine / Fanny Boizard

A production of the Association Une Tribu - Une Tribu Collectif asbl / delegated production: La Balsamine (Brussels, Belgium)

Production support: Christine Cloarec - Quai 41

Co-productions: La Balsamine (Brussels, Belgium), Le Sablier - National Center for Puppetry Arts (Ifs and Dives-sur-Mer, France), L'Hectare - National Center for Puppetry Arts (Vendôme, France), Theatre of Laval (France) - National Center for Puppetry Arts

Support: Walloon-Brussels Federation - Theater Service

Support from: Théâtre à la Coque - National Center for Puppetry Arts (Hennebont - France), La Roseraie - creative space (Brussels, Belgium), Theatre La Montagne Magique (Brussels, Belgium) and Maison des Cultures et de la Cohésion Sociale de Molen

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