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La Burla

Indoor performance
50 minuti

Prove WEB 158.webp

Concept and performer Andrea Brunetto, Max Pederzoli, Alessio Pollutri

directing and magic creation Andrea Fidelio

outside look Mario Gumina

costumes and set designs Elettra Del Mistro

magic effects builder Luca Mercatelli / Creativity LAB

production Madame Rebiné 

with the support of:

Centro di residenza della Toscana (Armunia - CapoTrave/Kilowatt),  Centro di residenza IntercettAzioni/Circuito CLAPS,

We Art 3/Artists in Residence Vicenza - Fondazione Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza, Flic suola di circo (Torino),

Fondazione Cirko Vertigo.

altre residenze artistiche

Manicomics Teatro (Piacenza), Festival Brocante (Frisanco), MaMiMò (Reggio Emilia), Teatro Dario Fo (Camponogara),
Centro di Catalogazione dei Magredi (San Quirino)

Madame Rebiné

Contemporary circus

Inside a toy store, three old owners are faced with the problem of declining profits, low footfall, and changes that happen too quickly for their tired legs.

La Burla (The Joke) is not just a business succumbing to multinational corporations, but the dream of three friends, their world, their lives, clashing with the strong wind that shuts it down.

A simple, poetic, and entertaining story told through the magic of the circus, which finds its natural habitat in playfulness and the fragility of life.

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