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Chez toi chez moi

Street performance - 45 min

Les Malles

Game and Manipulation: Romain Guex

Dance and Manipulation: Céline Fellay

Dramaturgy and Direction: Andrea Fidelio

Outside look: Andréanne Thiboutot, Sébastien Coppolino, Jennifer Wesse Moser, Yves Robert

Photography: Vincent Guignet

Set Design: Raffaella Brusaglino

Costume Design: Marie Jeanrenaud

Sound and Music Creation: Basile Richon

Coproduction: CCHAR Residency Hosted by: Quai 41, La Roseraie, Le Ressort, CCHAR, Le SPOT, Chapit’Ô, Atelier Grand Cargo, Artistes A La Campagne

Acknowledgements: Christel Voeffray, Bovernier Municipality, David Coquoz, Compagnie FADA, Jean Michel D’Hoop, Yves Robert, Jennifer Wesse Moser, Lions Club Valais, Valentine Dufour, David Kessler

Les Malles

Dance puppets theater

The neighborhood is lively, and hostilities are ongoing between two neighbors, Camille, a writer, and Tony, a rock fan. They can no longer stand each other after years of quarreling. Through carefully chosen moments of life, we will witness these two characters evolve in their misunderstandings, growing bitter towards each other and closing themselves off in their convictions until they finally realize how essential the other is. At the dawn of their death, what remains for them? A story of neighbors that will be presented to you by Les Malles in a language that blends puppets, dance, and gestural theater for an explosive show!

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