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Andrea Fidelio

Actor, dramaturg, magician, artistic consultant, and director.

Andrea Fidelio is an artist laureates at the DAMS of Bologna (Department of Arts Music and Scenic arts) and graduated at the Atelier of Physical Theater Philippe Radice in Torino.

Graduaded in Circus dramaturgy at Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque of Bruxelles and Centre National des Arts du Cirque of Châlons-en-Champagne in France where he also studied Écriture magique and Magie nouvelle.

He studied circus at Buenos Aires, taking courses at the Circus school and studying funambulism with Ernesto Terry at the circus school Arena. He took different courses and workshops with artists who helped him to develop his creative talent. But it’s mainly by performing in the theaters, streets and circus in front of different kinds of audiences that he grew up as an artist.


Actor and performer he uses in his shows: physical theater, mime, circus arts, comedy and vocal technics. Specialized in hats manipulation, beat box, juggling, acrobatic swing bike, his research is concentrated on the creation of characters who stay printed in the memory of the audience members.

He collaborated with different artists and company as: Teatrino Clandestino, Pietro Babina, Living Theatre,  Cie Pool & Freddy, Doble Mandoble, Cirque de la Pointe Sèche, La Bête à Plumes, Open, Cristina Rizzo, Fabrizio Favale passing from physical theater to contemporary theater, from cabaret to street theater and circus, from the performance to video and opera. He’s also MC for events and instructor of disciplines from physical theater and circus.

His last solo «ON AIR» has won different awards and has been presented more than 400 times in 17 countries.


His shows, simple, immediate, are accessible to any kind of audience and can be presented everywhere in the world.

He worked like dramaturg and director in different shows:


Manto of Les Malles directed by Duda Paiva


Le lundi du buffon


Hoopelai by Andréanne Thiboutot

Naval.  Cirque de la Pointe Sèche. Director, dramaturgy, magic invention.

Creation 2019 Québec, Canada.

Le Dîner.  Doble Mandoble (Be) Coauthor, magic invention and actor.

Creation 2020, coproduction Theatre Kopergietery (Be).

De l'autre côté. La Bête à Plumes.  Director, dramaturgy, magic invention.

Creation 2021. mention for circus poetry writing at Rencontre professionnelle du Théâtre Jean public de Huy 2022.

Demented Brothers. Director, dramaturgy, magic invention.

Creation 2021-22

Sweet home,  Doble Mandoble. Coauthor, magic invention and actor.  First prize at FISM Manresa 2021 in Stage Illusion. Second Prize at FISM Quebec 2022.

Il Gran Ventriloquini, Madame Rebiné. Aid to dramaturgy.

Creation 2021

Chez toi ou chez moi?  Les Malles. Director, dramaturg.

Creation 2022

Le chapiteau Magique - La Leyenda de Kulkatan. Doble Mandoble. Coauthor codirector and actor. Creation 2022

La Burla Madame Rebiné. Director, dramaturgy, magic invention.

Metamorphosis Cie Scraboucha, dramaturgy, magic invention.

Ongoing creation.

Feeling Soul Cie Xav To Yilo. Dramaturgy, magic invention, outside look.

Ongoing creation.

L'affaire est grave. Cirque Gone. Aid to dramaturgy, outside look.

Ongoing creation.


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